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According to statistics done in the State of California, there have been nearly 1,500 alcohol-involved accidents that have caused mortality in 2007. This may not seem to be a lot if you take into consider hundreds of thousands of cases where people would be caught offending the California DUI State law. But come to think of it, these 1,500 people who died in a car accident have families, friends and other loved ones who are left mourning their death. For this cause, the State of California has become very strict and implemented heavy punishments for those who will be offending their DUI laws. So if you are someone who is facing DUI charges, then you should be seeking the help of a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles so you can have a chance of having lighter sentences or you may even have a way of winning the case.

Let’s face it. You just came from a party and had a few drinks. You decided to drive home and you thought that you were doing your best to drive carefully. But then the police notices something odd in the way you drive. They call you over to a side and you get caught. When it comes to this situation, you might have problems with dealing with the police basically because you don’t know what’s going on because of the alcohol that you drank. Here’s the thing that you will never realize. No matter how many times you’ve gotten away with driving even when you’ve had a few drinks, you can never tell when you will get caught. So when it comes to this situation, the best you can do is call the hotline of LA DUI Pros as they have the best DUI lawyer in Los Angeles who can assist you on the point that you get arrested plus they can help you in clearing out the possibilities that may happen once you get charges. But the good thing about their lawyers is they have a wide experience with different cases of DUI so you have a good chance of winning your case!

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Legal Assistance for Teenagers with DUI Cases


Nowadays, teenagers are finding a different way to have their gatherings, and it is very alarming that a lot of these teenagers learn to drink and take recreational on their high school years. This is basically why more and more teenagers are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. Because of this, the number of teenagers who die every single day because of a car crash has risen to one teenager every hour.

It is very sad to note that teens would die just because of not thinking about the consequences of partying too much and deciding to drive home afterwards. Did you know that the State of California has a zero tolerance law when it comes to teenagers caught drinking and driving? It may be so that there should be certain considerations as teenagers are basically still children, however, since the most number of alcohols and drug related car accidents come from those accidents involving teenagers, and then the State has decided to be strict when it comes to teenager cases to avoid deaths that come from accidents. For teenagers, the zero tolerance law would enforce the prohibition of teenagers from driving if they have a maximum of 0.01% of blood alcohol consumption! There are very heavy penalties that come with this offense. While teenagers may not get jail time if it’s their first time to get caught, then they can have their license suspended for a year, will be required to attend a drug and alcohol rehabilitation for at least 6 months, fines which may not be more than 1,800USD and there can also be criminal charges if the teenager got in an accident.

However, teenagers can also request for legal assistance on these cases and this is where they can seek the help of a DUI attorney in Los Angeles. It is very important to get the DUI attorney that has a wide experience with teenager DUI cases! For these cases, it would be best to go for the best! So here’s a DUI attorney Los Angeles company: the LA DUI Pros! This great company will be giving you the best kind of legal assistance to help if you are a teenager and got caught drinking and driving. Their attorneys will help you with all the admin procedure and will stand as your counsel during your DMV hearing! Ask for an assessment of your DUI case by visiting the LA DUI Pros website today!