How to Consider DUI Attorney’s Fee


Admit it or not, the difficult factor to consider oftentimes in hiring a DUI lawyer is the cost of his service. You may have found the credentials you are looking for. You found a San Diego DUI attorney who is comfortable to talk with and willing to listen to your problem. You liked him best because his office is conveniently located on your area. But despite those great considerations you still did not go for him because of this factor you will read about: cost of DUI attorney’s fee.

What is the normal DUI lawyer cost? While attorney’s fees vary on setting, the average is five thousand up to twelve thousand dollars. There are guidelines set on with regards to fees. There are experienced DUI attorneys who charged more based on their ability, rank and reputation. But oftentimes, these attorneys will just send their associates to handle your case and they will just show in a trial.

But if you choose an attorney who may charge less fee but handles a lot of cases may not have enough time to handle your case therefore his reputation is not as good as the attorney who charges bigger amount. You need to weigh the options considering your budget and the attorney’s willingness to be given for your defense.

Here are your fees options in getting legal representation from a San Diego DUI attorney:

You need to determine how much will be the total cost in advance. Whether the fees are in an hourly rate or a flat rate they need to be laid out or presented in advance. That is your right together with a written contract. A good DUI attorney can give you the ultimate estimation of the cost even if there are fees incurred along the way. Prior to signing a contract, it is recommended for you to check first the ethical guidelines concerning fees on your state.

It’s not bad to negotiate. DUI attorneys go with fees negotiations although those who carry higher notoriety are most likely to disagree. There should be a breakdown of what is included in fees. Remember the exemption of contingency fees. In contingency fees the lawyer will received certain percentage on the recovery fee paid to the client. In other words, your attorney’s payment will come from the money given to you. Keep in mind that contingency fees are not applicable in criminal defense cases like DUI cases.

Ask your DUI attorney’s payment plan. It would be convenient and manageable for you if he has payment plan.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

car accident lawyer


There would come a time in your life when you, or anyone you know, will be able to need the assistance of a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. There are too many factors and causes why car accidents happen despite the exercise of extraordinary care. Whether you’re the driver or just a passenger, you know for a fact that getting caught in a car accident is never easy.

Drunk driving, over speeding, reckless driving, night driving and even selfie driving: these are only some of the most common causes of car accidents. Others are caused by our own negligence, while there are those instances that accidents are affected by various unforeseen circumstances around us. Lack of visibility, as an example, may be caused by heavy rainfall, snow and ice, or even the night time with the absence of streetlights. These are instances where the factors are beyond our control. Improper turns, wrong-way driving, reckless driving, tailgating, drunk and drug driving, and over-speeding: these are the causes that are party our fault. Our own negligence and inability to foresee the future consequences could result to damage of property and even loss of life. As much as possible, follow the road signs and be aware of the safety precautions. Check also the condition of your car before driving. Do everything necessary to avoid any untoward incidents. In the even that any of these happens to you or anyone you know, seek for the help of really good Los Angeles car accident lawyers.

Though it is of common notion that lawyers give us headache, but in this case, it is actually the exact opposite of such. Lawyers will help you save time in resolving your case since they already have the experience and they know the intricacies involved. They have an understanding of the legal process; therefore, they know which step comes first before the others. They are aware of deadlines and therefore could assure you that they don’t miss anything. Lawyers motivate to help you and help you improve your odds. Their experience and expertise would help you with your contingent claims and could find ways to deliver you the best deal there is.

Take note that each car accident case is unique from that of the others. Don’t content yourself from simple research. Talk to a lawyer and fully understand your case scenario and get the best possible solution.