Mitigating DUI Charges

DUI2It’s universally agreed upon, or among responsible citizens anyway, that driving while under the influence of alcohol is something that should be vigilantly stopped by policemen. In San Diego, the numbers of DUI arrests are steadily dwindling thanks in part to more and more drivers choosing to stay sober while on the road. Those who have been arrested for DUI usually learned their lessons although it’s unavoidable that there will be the stubborn few who don’t.

Getting arrested for drinking while under the influence of alcohol is not an insignificant offense. It stays with the offender’s record for ten years. This means having such a record is going to put them at a disadvantage at some things in life such as job applications. Criminal records are definitely undesirable in the eyes of employers. Even with something that seems as minor as drunk driving because it’s an indication of the person’s affinity to make bad decisions which may endanger someone’s life. No matter how minor getting arrested for driving while under influence is on the offender’s perspective, it’s a major offense in the eyes of innocent bystanders and the authorities.

On the other hand, there are rare instances where drunk driving happens unintentionally. It may sound ridiculous but some drivers are pulled over, administered a field sobriety test and fail not because they are inebriated but because they are literally getting vertigo. Drowsiness is also another culprit. It’s not as bad as drunk driving but is still a dangerous thing to have on the road. In fact, there are significant amount of accidents that are attributed to drivers who are insistent on staying on the steering wheel despite of their apparent drowsiness. Looking for a DUI attorney in San Diego may help in settling the matter since the driver might be charged of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Most DUI arrests are those that are well aware of their alcohol tolerance but chose to go beyond it. There are times however when the driver has become intoxicated due to drinking alcohol for the first time and not getting orientated on their own thresholds. And then there are cases where the driver fell victim to a dangerous prank by their peers wherein their non-alcoholic drinks are spiked with liquor. In such cases, it is very important to immediately contact a DUI lawyer to help reduce the penalty or eliminate the charge entirely, depending on the situation. One place that most recommend is listing down DUI lawyers in San Diego at and let them assist with the case.


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