The Man who Cried Lawsuit


“Fraud is already a crime punishable by law “- San Diego tax relief attorney

A couple of years ago, there was a case of insurance fraud that was rampant in our city and insurance lawyers like me were asked to keep an eye out for these people. It just so happens that I landed one. A supermarket was being sued by someone who slipped in one of their aisles and broke his collar bone. It looked like a legitimate case, and cases like these were not so unusual in our city. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the plaintiff used to be a former client of ours who sued a restaurant because he slipped. This time, he used a different name and he had this insurance company helping him.

When we traced back his file, he had another insurance company working for him. We asked the old insurance company about this client and they told us that he abandoned his policy after getting the payment. At the court hearing, we revealed this data to the judge and he was unable to get the money he wanted. He was then investigated by two or more insurance companies that he milked out of their money. He’s in prison now for insurance fraud.

Insurance claims are very serious, and the attempt to commit fraud is already a crime punishable by law.

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