When is the right time to hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

As a divorce lawyer for nearly 2 decades, some people often ask me “when is the right time to hire a divorce lawyer?” and I am often stumped by this question. Sure, this question puts me in the best position to market my services but the more emotional part of me prevents me from doing so. I have handled a lot of divorces and every single one of them was just brutal. But I am still going to answer your question. WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO HIRE A DIVORCE LAWYER?

The answer is when your soon-to-be partner has already lawyered up before you. Another situation is when there’s too much on the line, like a violation of the pre-nuptial agreements or the partner is already trying to gain custody of your children without proper proceedings. These two situations are the right time to hire a divorce lawyer because you don’t want things to get out of hand. Naturally, you’d want to make sure that your marriage is still salvageable but when these two situations present themselves, it’s a sign that your marriage is spiralling out of control and that the only way to prevent it from getting worse is to hire a divorce lawyer.

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